Content Development

Meaningful content is no different than a meaning conversation. If you don’t have substance than you can always rely on the tricks of the social media trade. Sure, you’ll make some money but it’s really no different than selling a product that breaks as soon as customers take it out of the box.

Knowing how to communicate to a particular audience and when to deliver that content is the key factor in traditional broadcast programming, something social media could learn from. Success is having your reach (volume for viewers) and frequency (how often) down to a science.

Lindgren Media producers first have the media outlets in mind before ever starting a project simply because even the best program will fail without the right distribution. Interesting enough the opposite is the same as well, the art of storytelling to maintain an audience can pull through a weak distribution to gain an audience over time.

Developing Content for Traditional Outlets

I’ve often heard Internet show producer’s mention traditional broadcast is dying and I would suggest otherwise, it is still a significant resource that fuels and supports social media. With millions of daily viewers on the Internet, broadcast programming content is in great demand even after reaching millions of viewers with a free to the airways RF broadcast. The largest portion of noteworthy programming content still originates from the broadcast industry.

All broadcast productions are reviewed and fully vented to save our customers time and money. Services may include in-studio mute-camera setting, field location reality production setups, animations, 3D imaging, professional on-air talent, original music and distribution formatting and delivery.

Developing Content for Non-Traditional Outlets

The Internet opened a whole new world for low and mid-range producers and projects which brings a new level of creativity, subjects and a lot of daily interactive. Lindgren Media finds the appropriate settings and audience for your new Internet show. With a very wide range of viewer groups, programming topics, and budgets no show is too small or too large to tackle in a short amount of time. Call today for a free consultation.