Media Wall

There are more home theaters today than ever before and yet they tend to be the most unused rooms in the house. Most home theaters use a projector so that the screen size can be larger, but this concept was developed before many of the large digital flat screens we have today and when our viewing habits were different. The way we watch at home is different than even a few years ago with most viewers of all ages watching their shows on multiple devices at the same time. The provision on the Media Wall was inevitable and simply follows the desired outcome of today’s viewer. It is a multi-screen system that is easily navigated by an iPad or iPhone and allows for network and Internet integration to provide the viewer with immediate and accessible information.

A sports enthusiast can watch the one football game on the main screen, monitor another in the preview, and route sports stats to another. A Media Wall can consist of 2 to 20 TVs in a residence and up to 80 TVs in a commercial environment.

An office monitoring News or other financial reports in a commercial package that includes live streaming, conferencing and other benefits.