Corporate Communications

To ensure profitability a company must maintain a consistent level of employee training which promotes professional service standards and safety to reduce the risk of on the job injuries. Traditional training is no longer enough for today’s culture, it must be interactive and accessible by mobile. Orientation and other annual training is supported with mobile reminders and follow up questions through automated training programs. Lindgren Media supports existing training materials and implements segmented training over a period of time to ensure excellence in retention of all materials.

Heavy equipment, hazardous areas, and at times, severe weather conditions requires much of the petroleum industry when it comes to educating and keeping personnel safe. Yet safety training is just the first step in reducing risk, building trust and relationship is the next level of safety performance.

By educating the individual to a greater understanding of the Industry means you have an invested interest in that individual. This investment engages them to be a more successful component in corporate objectives which provides both individual and corporate success. Lindgren Media provides re-structuring of education, training, and communication materials, content development and mobile distribution for interactive learning and analytics.

For healthcare, Lindgren Media is a partner with Recovery Network & Broadcast Systems to provide clinical education for better diagnosis understanding, procedure awareness, and facilities specific clarification videos. Developing new or branding existing materials is more common today than ever before simply because of the immediate accessibility by patients and their families. When hospitals provide access for the patient to learn more about an illness or a procedure and to engage them in the healing process the results are always in fewer re-admissions. For a more defined explanation see or

Of all the industries that need education, the food and service industry is the most significant. With consistent turnovers of staff, first-time work experiences and lower income recipients, franchisees and affiliate corporate location often have more to conquer with less budget. Unlike desktop training portals, Lindgren Media provides video message training applicable to today’s young and electronic savvy culture. Creating reward-based training to engage new trainees and service excellence badges for maintaining quality learning becomes a partnership with each experience. All mobile training provides viewer tracking analytics for management overview and other interactive opportunities.